Here are the new characters for Scream's rebooted Season 3

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May 11, 2017, 4:02 PM EDT (Updated)

When Scream returns to MTV for a third killer season later this year, the show will not only feature a new showrunner in Brett Matthews (The Vampire Diaries) and Queen Latifah as one of the executive producers, but also a completely different cast of characters.

As some of you may already know, MTV decided to hit the reset button on the series which saw its episode order cut down to six (from 10 in Season 1, and 13 during the show’s sophomore season) after the Season 2 ratings dropped sharply compared to the show’s freshman year.

You know the saying: “Out with the old, in with the new,” and Scream is definitely going for the new with this batch of teenagers fresh for the kill. So, who are Ghostface’s new potential victims? Here’s a rundown for some of the rebooted Season 3 characters (via TVLine):

* First up is Dion, a Michael B. Jordan-esque football player on track to score a college scholarship — that is, until a masked killer uses Dion’s darkest secrets against him, turning his life upside down and making him question his own sanity.

* Liv is Dion’s cheerleader girlfriend, as beautiful as she is brilliant. She’s also down to lend a helping hand where needed, though her good intentions often land her in hot water.

* Kym is the rebellious one of the group, always willing to say what everyone else is thinking. She’s organized and protective, two qualities that will serve her well when a killer starts targeting her friends.

* Beth is a little different from her fellow seniors, sporting a goth look and a morbid collection of interests. A “walking encyclopedia of all things horror,” she’s compared to The Craft‘s Fairuza Balk.

* And then there’s Dion’s step-brother Jamal. Despite hanging out with a rough crowd, he’s got a big heart and an undying loyalty to Dion.

The site also reports that MTV is looking for a diverse cast, stressing that Dion and Jamal are African-American characters, and that they will look at actresses from diverse backgrounds for the roles of Liv and Kym.

With Scream being a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine — there’s nothing like watching an episode right before bed, but that's just me — I’m actually looking forward to Season 3. How about you?

(via TVLine)

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