Scream louder for 7 hard-boiled, fan-crafted Alien posters

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Dec 16, 2012

With Ridley Scott's Prometheus looming just over the horizon, sci-fi fans are ravenous for any Alien appetizer to satisfy their cravings. Check out this series of amazing fan-art posters that strip Sigourney Weaver's 1979 classic down to its bare, acid-basted skin. Space out and indulge yourselves ...

These redesigned Alien one-sheets come from the diabolical brain of L.A. designer Midnight Marauder, and their raw, indie feel perfectly suits the bleak hopelessness found inside the derelict spaceship marooned on LV-426. Each retro creation retains the grimy tone and sublime minimalism embedded in Sir Ridley's original Alien. Marauder is currently reimagining a new set of film posters based on James Cameron's Aliens. Until then, choose a favorite and don't bother covering your mouth. We still can't hear you.