Script pages from aborted Friday the 13th sequel reveal ice cold Jason kill

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Mar 26, 2021, 7:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Screenwriting duo Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (Freddy vs. Jason, Baywatch) gave fans a little festive gift today in the form of previously unseen pages from the unmade sequel to the 2009 Friday the 13th remake. They also revealed the title of the follow-up: The Death of Jason Voorhees.

The three pages from the screenplay--which you can check out below from the pair's shared Twitter account--depict the grisly murder of a hockey player named Ed. You know, just another average day for Mr. Voorhees. The real shocking thing about the scene is that it does something unprecedented for the horror movie franchise, it has Jason actually stepping onto a frozen Crystal Lake for the first time ever! 

The winter setting would also have been a first for the films. Who knows, maybe we'll get a Friday the 13th Christmas special sometime soon.