Script title reveals major hint at how they'll pull off that Supergirl and Flash crossover

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Feb 4, 2016

Fans were understandably psyched to learn CBS’s Supergirl will be crossing over with The CW’s Flash, and now we know how they might make it work.

Once you get past the “Squee!” factor of it all, the concept of this crossover starts to beg one obvious question: Namely, how the two worlds can conceivably fit together in a way that doesn’t screw up both shows. The Flash is set within The CW’s DC universe, which also includes Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, while Supergirl has been carving out its own narrative niche over on CBS.

Sure, the shows share a creative team behind the scenes ala Marc Guggenheim (along with comparable tone and visual styles), but Supergirl is set in a world where Superman exists, and aliens are wreaking havoc all over National City and Metropolis. That doesn’t exactly fit with the world of metahumans we’ve come to know and love on The Flash.

Well, if you’ve been hedging your bets that Supergirl lives in the alternate universe of Earth-3 (or something to that effect), you might be right. Flash star Grant Gustin has revealed the title of the crossover episode, “Worlds Finest.” Note the lack of an apostrophe there, meaning the title likely refers to the “Finest” of multiple “Worlds.”

We’ve already had the formal introduction of the multiverse over on The Flash, and that certainly represents the easiest way to make this happen without trying to shoehorn aliens and Superman into the Arrow-verse.

What do you think? Is this the angle they’ll take the story? How else could it work?


(Via Grant Gustin)

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