SDCC 2017: Arrow cast and crew promise answers and new bonds in Season 6

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

The end of Arrow Season 5 left nearly every main character's fate up in the air. With a massive explosion, they truly left the island of Lian Yu in the dust (or is it as dust?). At a press roundtable at San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Marc Guggenheim knew that would be the chief concern and addressed it right away.

He told SYFY WIRE and other reporters that the first episode will immediately address the disaster and "who made it out alive," which certainly seems to imply there'll be at least one casualty.

Juliana Harkavy is back as Dinah Drake and now rocking the mantle of Black Canary in Season 6, and said she "cried a little" when she saw the new suit. She said that personally, we'll see a Canary "motivated by justice instead of revenge" this season, while also trying to find her place in the team as they "put the pieces back together." She's been looking to the comics more to prepare this season, and hopes her Dinah can actually build real friendships with the other characters this season.

The last Black Canary, Katie Cassidy, is also back -- but as her alternate-Earth evil counterpart Black Siren. Cassidy teased at the roundtable that Siren, who lost her father at 14, will start to bond with our Earth's Quentin Lance. "It's making my scenes with Paul so interesting, because you have to be present and really react," since she's playing a different character from her previous several seasons with the actor. This version of Laurel's character will be "unpeeled like layers of an onion." Hopefully that doesn't mean we'll be crying a lot.

Star Stephen Amell focused mostly on the returning actors when he spoke with press, saying he was so glad to get both Manu Bennett and Katie Cassidy back.

"Manu is my Joker. Green Arrow is only as good as Deathstroke is formidable," he said of the actor and character.

Amell doesn't know the full character arc for alt-Laurel, but he's excited to find out. He'll also interact with Will, Oliver's son, in a meaningful way this season.

The actor said he went on a "deep dive of reaction videos" from the season finale and really appreciated the passion of the Arrow fanbase. While he's written off the famous Green Arrow Goatee in the past, this year he's saying "Maybe," so there's finally a chance.

Finally, Marc Guggenheim teased quite a bit. First off, the inter-show crossover this year is in pitch process right now, and he thinks it's "bigger and cooler than aliens," and will lead to "some really big emotional changes across all four shows." Yes, that means Supergirl will be "an equal part" of the crossover this time around.

If the EP had to pick one theme for this season, it's family. That's reflected in the recurring addition of Oliver's son, but also in things like the aforementioned Siren/Quentin relationship and even the team-building that Juliana spoke of.

And yes, fans, we will learn the secret identity of Vigilante, and we'll learn it "fairly quickly." While the writers have known all along, Guggenheim insists "so far no one's guessed" his ID correctly.

Arrow Season 6 begins on The CW October 12, 2017, at 9 p.m.

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel.