SDCC 2017: Love rules at final 12 Monkeys panel

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Given the spirit of 12 Monkeys and the show's unique perspective on time travel and loops, there was something special about today's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Facing cancellation after Season 2, the surprise 3rd season was, in no small part, helped by the support of fans around the world. The show is wrapping up the shooting of their 4th season knowing it's the final one. Because of that, show creator Terry Matalas was able to assure fans that their questions would be answered and mysteries solved by the time the show ends. No hanging storylines, no cliffhangers, but a real ending -- one that gives both the fans and the characters they love so much an ending they deserve.

Here's a couple of tasty tidbits from today's panel:

-There will be a philosophical difference between Cole and Cassie that is terrifying.

-There's a scene in the first episode of Season 3 that's in Season 4. There is a mention of the number of bullet holes -- is that a hint?

-Then there is this:

But really, the big takeaway is the love between the cast and Matalas, and their appreciation for the fans. Much of Season 4 has been wrapped, but there are four weeks to be shot in Europe. "Things are going to get medieval," Matalas hints.

As someone who came into 12 Monkeys between seasons 2 and 3, there was something so amazing about being at this panel. The bond between Terry and his cast, and their bond with the fans is palpable. There's real joy and friendship, and they're so moved by the series and the family that's been created that being there was like being part of the goodbye.

You may not want it to end, but 12 Monkeys is ending on its own terms and telling its own story, and that's a rare and beautiful thing.

And here's the trailer for Season 4. Get excited!

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