SDCC 2017: Stan Against Evil cast talks time travel and demon babies

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Jul 20, 2017, 2:35 AM EDT

"We're going to hell," said Dana Gould, creator of Stan Against Evil, during our chat at San Diego Comic-Con today. As you can see in the video below, which also features leads Janet Varney (Evie) and John C. McGinley (Stan), Gould's not actually talking about demons, but referring to the predominant comment most often heard on set while filming Season 2 of the IFC horror-comedy. 

Besides hell, time travel will be a big factor in Season 2, seeing as Season 1 left Evie 400 years in the past, about to be burned at the stake. When they finally get her out of that mess, Stan starts to wonder why he couldn't go back one year and save his wife.

Other goodies Gould hinted at include a were-pony, a demon baby, and oversized diapers. 

McGinley must have been hungry during our interview, because he keeps talking about "delicious" emotional arcs and "taking a bite" out of the role. Someone get this guy a sandwich!

Season 2 of Stan Against Evil airs on IFC starting November 1. Will you be watching?