Colossus, Deadpool 2, Stefan Kapicic

SDCC 2017: We get metal with Deadpool 2's Colossus, Stefan Kapicic

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Jul 20, 2017, 2:10 AM EDT

One of the great things about San Diego Comic-Con is that studios will fly their actors and creators down, right in the middle of shooting, just to make sure the fans (and fan journalists) get the latest intel on the most hotly anticipated flicks. Which explains why we were lucky enough to catch up with Stefan Kapicic today at the SYFY WIRE SDCC studio, while he's taking a short break from filming Deadpool 2 with Ryan Reynolds and company.

In the film, due out June 1, 2018, Kapicic is bringing back everyone's favorite X-metal head mutant, Colossus, the character he mined for comedic and action gold in the first film. And judging from our chat below, it sounds like he's really developed an even keener sense of just who Pyotr Nikolayevich Rasputin is, and what he can do. Check out below as Kapicic regales us with tales of Deadpool 2, what X-Men stories he'd like to see on the big screen, and the other Marvel role he could play. Then let us know if you love Kapicic's new screen direction for Colossus too.