SDCC 2017: What The Inhumans creative team can't wait for fans to see

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May 1, 2020, 12:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Showrunner Scott Buck and director Roel Reine are at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about The Inhumans, their upcoming series for ABC … and, for the first two episodes, for IMAX theaters. There’s a lot that they want you to see:

Medusa’s hair, which Reine promises will be revealed in a spectacular way. Lockjaw, which Reine says is the first full CG creature in a television series. The huge, impactful scope of their visuals, which were filmed in an IMAX camera.

But it’s not just about gosh-wow effects. Buck says the center of this show is “a strong family drama.” And when it come to an internecine conflict, their “superpowers are not really helpful in solving this situation.”

Check it out:

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