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SDCC 2018: Call of Duty 'Zombies' mode turns 10, unveils new footage from Black Ops 4

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Jul 19, 2018, 4:53 PM EDT (Updated)

The 10-year anniversary of Call of Duty's "Zombies" mode was celebrated at a San Diego Comic-Con panel dedicated to Black Ops 4, which goes on sale this fall. One of the new storylines is called "Blood of the Dead," whose cinematic intro was shown for the first time at the panel.

From an initial glance, we can tell you it includes a rundown prison out at sea, people in freezers, katanas, time (or possible inter-dimensional) travel, grimoires, and, of course, zombies. The new concept of "different factions" will also be introduced by the game, allowing you to stand with different groups of people.

The massively popular "Zombies" mode began with 2008's Call of Duty: World At War, where players would fight against an onslaught of ghouls from the Third Reich. The SDCC panel, co-hosted by "Zombies" director, Jason Blundell, and its lead writer, Craig Houston, opened with a sizzle reel of every iteration of "Zombies" over the last decade.

“It was born through experimentation," Houston said while touching on the game's origins.

“It’s just grown and grown and grown," added Blundell. 

A painting by Simon Bisley, meant to celebrate the anniversary, was also unveiled during the panel. Check out the painting below:


Credit: Simon Bisley

A trailer for the new and improved "Zombies" option dropped online earlier this week and it definitely looks as if the developers simply decided to go balls to the wall with this latest iteration that has ancient artifacts, time travel, an undead tiger, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins's classic 1956 song "I Put a Spell on You." 

You can watch the trailer below, which is actually for the "Chaos" storyline, which introduces a roster of never-before-seen characters. A four-part Dark Horse comic will explain how these people came together, thanks to actions of the mysterious Alistair Rhodes. 

"The 'Chaos' story is very contained," said Blundell. "It supports itself with our understanding of history ... different mythologies, different narratives."

The Mystery Box Edition of Black Ops 4 comes with a real-world replica of the "Chaos" storyline's Mystery Box that, when opened, lights up and emits what can only be described as the screams of the damned. Also included are FiGPiNs of the main characters and a few other goodies. 

Since fans have been clamoring for figures of the four main "Zombies" team for years, Blundell and Houstin unveiled hand-painted statues of them that have been in development since the first Black Ops game. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 goes on sale Oct. 12. 


Credit: Dark Horse/Activision

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