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SDCC 2018: IDW just revealed superheroes, serial killers and spooky Star Wars

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Jul 21, 2018, 7:11 PM EDT

As we just found out at IDW’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, they will soon be unleashing zombies and shapeshifters, swinging from buildings, crashing into haunted planets, and infesting Netlfix with a vampire virus. To say something huge is coming would be an understatement.

IDW’s Black Crown imprint gave the huge reveal of SDCC when editor and curator Shelly Bond announced the upcoming supernatural crime thriller series Lodger by David and Maria Lapham (yes, the David and Maria Lapham), which follows the mysterious character of Lodger, who masquerades as a travel blogger to infiltrate people’s lives and ultimately wreck them. When he seduces the horrified Ricki Toledo’s mother and traumatizes her father, Ricki tracks him all across the country in what Bond describes as a “serial killer love story that’s just relentless.”

Resurfacing from the ‘80s will be the all-new comic series Go-Bots, which you don’t actually have to remember the toys from that era to appreciate.

“If you’ve been following Transformers, we’ve been telling a long ongoing story that is coming to an end with Unicron,” said writer and IDW Editor in Chief John Barber, "that is the end of IDW and Transformers but certainly not the end of IDW and Hasbro. This is the real Go-Bots. This is Leader One, Cy-Kill and Turbo—this is Tom Scioli.”

Go-Bots is the latest project to emerge from the imagination of comic visionary Tom Scioli that will be a unique and personal take on the GoBots mythos that Scioli tells in what Barber calls a “cataclysmic, overblowing, amazing style.”

IDW Go-Bots

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IDW will also bring all your most unimaginable fears, and possibly some things you never even thought of fearing until now, into the flesh with George Romero’s Road of the Dead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Shredder in Hell, Tales from Vader’s Castle, and the Netflix adaptation of V-Wars.

V-Wars author and 5-time Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry had previously partnered with the late George Romero on an anthology of Night of the Living Dead stories, and considers Road of the Dead to be a passion project for him. It’s a must-read for anyone into, as Maberry said, “zombies, gratuitous violence, sarcastic humor, and motorcycles, trucks and tanks.” His old car somehow made it into the series and was given a Viking funeral.

Netflix adapting V-Wars was surreal for Maberry, whose idea for the series started with his weird science fascination (think climate change and genetics) that mutated into glacier ice melting and releasing a virus that morphs humans into vampires.

“If this is a dream and somebody wakes me up, I’m gonna kill them,” he laughed.

Shredder in Hell is the sequel to History of the Foot Clan that looks at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain from a different perspective, one that artist Mateus Santoluoco believes will make the character more appealing as it explores his background, from being born into the Foot Clan to having to prove himself. Shredder’s journey into the burning fires of the afterlife will unearth his motivations and his role in a much larger conspiracy that is connected to the demigod pantheon created for the new TMNT series.

“We’ll be adding new layers to Shredder and also kind of creating a richer background to this new element the demigods and the Turtles,” Santuluoco said.

IDW Tales From Vader's Castle

Credit: IDW

When you crash your spaceship into a spooky planet that just happens to be home base for the Dark Lord, you get Tales From Vader’s Castle, a 5-part series that will be creeping out of space just in time for Halloween. Written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Derek Charm, the darker side of the Dark Side will encounter witches, Ewoks, vicious plant life and a slightly warped version of Count Dooku (if warping him further is even possible) among other sci-fi nightmare fuel.

There will also be a crossover into another universe. As if IDW isn’t already awesome enough, they are now partnering with Marvel for a series of comics that appeal to preteens and teens who may not remember the era when Iron Man was the most important character ever. Spider-Man, featuring both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as the iconic web-slinger—and Spider-Gwen—will be released in November, followed by Avengers in December and Black Panther in January.

By the way, any updates on Locke & Key?

“I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say about that,” moderator and IDW Senior PR Manger Keith Davidsen teased.

Until something new about the much-anticipated series surfaces, keep stalking Neflix.

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