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SDCC 2018: Star Trek: Discovery will be voyaging towards its TOS origins in Season 2

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Dec 24, 2018, 12:00 PM EST (Updated)

Discovery may be the latest iteration of Star Trek, but after that Season 1 distress signal to the Enterprise opened the portal to a universe of fan theories, you guessed right if you thought you were soon going to experience a time warp to TOS.

“In Season 2, you’ll see more of the humor and character relationships that you do in TOS,” said Star Trek: Discovery co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman at the SDCC press conference today. “The crew will have another layer pulling out slowly from underneath.”

Anson Mount (pictured above), who plays Captain Christopher Pike, admitted he felt “a tremendous honor” playing the character who was the original commander of Starfleet, and that seeing the actors show up on set in reimagined versions of the TOS costumes was beyond amazing. 

Discovery’s goal is not to reboot TOS but to merge the story of the crew of the USS Discovery with TOS characters and storylines as it slowly unfolds. Kurtzman feels that now, since the cast and crew have ventured further into space and past the initial pressure of creating the next chapter of Star Trek, the series can really focus on character backgrounds and relationships that had not been addressed before, as it tried to create a trajectory for its spore-powered starship.

There definitely is something of a Star Trek: Into Darkness vibe about Discovery, and Into Darkness was another homage to the original that still found its own way to navigate. Is that the way Discovery is ultimately going?

“We push the story within canon as far as we possibly can,” Kurtzman said. “Obviously the spore drive is one of those elements, and by the end of Season 2 you will realize why certain things occurred.”

If by “certain things” Kurtzman means that ending that everyone was trying to explain on the internet, he isn’t revealing exactly what he plans to bring out of the intergalactic shadows yet, but that has to be the first thought to come to your mind. He could also be hinting at the mirror universe, which we won’t be seeing as much of this season even though he mentioned the possibilities are open. Then you have to wonder about the mysterious pasts of interspecies characters like L’Rell and Saru.

“Evolution will happen,” said Doug Jones, who plays the Kelpien with the amazing runway strut brought on by his need to walk differently in those hooves. “And peeling back the layers will happen; I just can’t tell you.”

Star Trek: Discovery will be soaring back onto CBS All Access in early 2019.