SDCC: Agent Carter crew on moving to L.A., tackling new social issues in Season 2

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Jul 11, 2015, 8:32 PM EDT

Marvel's Agent Carter returns in 2016 with 10 hours of new adventures taking place in Los Angeles. Peggy Carter herself, Haley Atwell, and James D'Arcy, who plays Peggy's ally/Howard Stark's right hand man, Edwin Jarvis, talked with press at San Diego Comic-Con and teased what's to come.   

D'Arcy revealed that Carter will be in the City of Angels on a new assignment and he's excited about the potential of the new setting. "Now that the show is set in LA, in my head, there is hopefully a Chinatown vibe," the actor said referencing the classic noir film by Roman Polanski. "LA is such a great city to shoot in the 40's if you can shoot that period."

As for Peggy's frame of mind,  Atwell said that Peggy closed a chapter with Steve Rogers in Season 1 and Season 2 will find her character opening to the possibility of new love. "I think when I first played Peggy, we showed an aspect of a woman who is strong and capable and could fight like a man," the actress detailed. "In the first season, I wanted to show her vulnerability and her strength of character within that; her sadness and grief and the emotional and psychological cost of not only losing Steve but living in a very isolated world where she can't confide in anyone because she can't trust anyone. For me that was a fantastic character study and it felt like I had to approach Peggy that way to give her any sense of truth or gravitas in the world of Marvel which can be heightened or exaggerated. I felt it was important that audiences found her believable for the series to have any care and make the series interesting."

Showrunners/executive producers Tara Butters, Michelle Fazakas and Chris Dingess were unanimous in their enthusiasm about Atwell landing the character with such perfect balance. 

Butters said, "It's funny we are showing this incredibly strong female character in a time period where it would have been even harder [to be an independent woman]. Haley sells that and makes you believe every minute she is on screen that she will be able to accomplish what she accomplishes."

With the character's strength and resolve cemented, Butters said Season 2 will have Carter maintaining an uneasy truce with Thompson (Chad Michael Murray). "Thompson's a real complicated guy because he knows what she can do but she also has a big secret on him. She would never reveal it but he would, so he thinks she would. They have a very complicated relationship and that will play out an interesting way over the 10 episodes."

"And now that the work thing is sort of fixed, since it's gotten better, [the next issue is] what is your life?" Butters continues. "The part that isn't work? Peggy meets Jarvis' wife Anna and they have this great relationship, so Peggy will both envy it but not get it."    

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