SDCC: Black Panther and the 'year of Spider-Man' at Marvel's animation panel

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Jul 23, 2017

“It’s the year of Spider-Man,” said Kevin Shinick, the supervising producer of Marvel’s Spider-Man, at the Marvel Animation Presents Panel. In the upcoming show Marvel’s Spider-Man, which premieres on August 19, the animated series will take Peter Parker back to his angsty Stan Lee/Steve Ditko roots in a special high school described as “Science Hogwarts.”

Not only that, Patton Oswalt will be voicing Spidey’s Uncle Ben. Plus, Spider-Man will be facing off against Sandman’s daughter, Sandgirl.

That’s not all we learned from Shinick and other panelists Cort Lane (SVP animation and family entertainment), Eric Radomski (SVP production and creative director at Marvel Animation), Stephen Wacker (VP), Marsha Griffin (VP), Fred Tatasciore (voice of the Hulk), and Robbie Daymond (new voice of Spider-Man).

In a soon-to-be-aired episode of Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax fights the new Destroyer on his home world. The new Destroyer, as well as his entire planet, consider him a heretic for deserting his people. Conversation also shifted to the upcoming Season 3, known as “Mission: Breakout,” which is based on the Disneyland ride.
Lane said he had to take all six versions of the ride to get the whole story, in rapid succession. Yeah, he got sick on the fifth.

In regard to the Avengers Assemble television series, Season 4 will be known as "Avengers: Secret Wars" and feature Black Panther leading Vision, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Ant Man and Wasp after the core Avengers team goes missing. A big part of the season will take place on Battleworld (much like the 2015 Secret Wars event), and the events will lead into “potentially even bigger” events of the next season, which they announced as "Avengers: Black Panther Quest."

As Wacker said, “A lot of people both in our universe and in the cartoon’s are about to find out Black Panther is Marvel’s greatest hero.”

Other announcements include a new season of Marvel Funko shorts (which you can find on YouTube), plus our favorite tidbit: Stan Lee will have a cameo in the upcoming TV series Guardians of the Galaxy.

I hope he plays a superpowered version of himself. Oh wait, he already is.

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