SDCC: Matt Murdock confesses in second Defenders clip

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Jul 23, 2017

The Defenders has released a second clip, hot on the heels of the first one, which showed villain Alexandra flexing her muscle without lifting a finger. Here, we get a more quiet look at Matthew Murdock…in a confessional booth with his priest.

The topic of conversation? Elektra.

Matt has left crime-fighting, i.e., the part of his life that had Elektra in it, but he misses her nevertheless. He also can’t seem to reconcile his superheroic ways with his normal life. The priest tells him to move on.

In the closest thing to a burn we’ve ever heard a priest give, he says, “Purgatory is a place for the death, Matthew, not the living.” (Okay, there was one better: the priest telling this to Clint Eastwood’s character in Million Dollar Baby.)  

Still, it’s quality dialog. Even the slower scenes pack as much of a punch as the punching scenes. Check it out.

(Via io9)

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