SDCC: Tron Legacy will speak to old, new

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Adam-Troy Castro
Jul 4, 2015

After debuting the title of the Tron sequel and showing early footage in Hall H, the producers and director of Tron Legacy spoke to press about the latest announcements. Director Joseph Kosinski promised fans of the 1982 original many easter eggs in the 2010 sequel, through the 27-and-under sect could still enjoy a fresh new movie.

"I think fans of the original film, there will be a lot in there for them to discover," Kosinski said in a press conference today in San Diego. "It's a movie that even if you haven't seen the original Tron, you'll be able to watch this and get totally wrapped up in the world. If you are a hardcore fan, there are a lot of things hidden in the film you will enjoy. Our crew worked really hard to make sure everything lined up perfectly."

One of the enticing teases was a photo of Tron City, which Kosinski described as the evolution of Tron. "Like I said downstairs, the world of Tron has evolved on its own, like an aquarium," Kosinski continued. "It's disconnected from the outside world for 25 years, so as it's continued to evolve. The scale has gotten bigger, the realism, the physics, the visceral quality of it. I wanted it to feel like we went in and shot everything with motion picture cameras. The line between what's real and not should be blurred."

That evolution means a direct connection to the history established in Tron. Producer Sean Bailey explained, "What we did do was look very closely at the movie and tried to build a mythology between 1982 and 2010," Bailey said during the press conference. "This takes place in 2010 except the history of what happened in 1982 really happened. [The story] considered the original and accepts the original as fact."

Tron Legacy wrapped principal photography last week and will be in post production until 2011.

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