SDCC: We are definitely afraid of the ghosts in Syfy's Ghost Wars panel

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Jul 23, 2017, 12:45 PM EDT

Port Moore, Alaska, is so remote that it can only be reached four months per year — but you don’t want to go there anyway — because it’s under siege by the paranormal. That was only part of what we learned about the upcoming Syfy series at the Ghost Wars panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Actors Vincent D’Onofrio, Avan Jogia, Kandyse McLure, and Meat Loaf Aday; showrunner Simon Barry; writer and executive producer Dennis Heaton; executive producer Chad Oakes; and executive producer Michael Frislev all opened up about what fans can expect.

But just because the show is about ghosts, it doesn’t mean that science has been forgotten. McLure, who plays a scientist named Landis, said, “I enjoy the intersection of science and spirituality. It makes you question what you believe and why you believe what you believe.”

The story is told through the eyes of Roman Mercer, Jogia’s character, a psychic medium who can talk to the other side. Jogia described his character as “aggressively an outsider.” Because he’s dealt with his abilities his whole life, they’ve become boring to him. But when things start going south in the town, “his ailment becomes a gift.”

D’onofrio said that the town is in a bad place, even before the hauntings, what with the isolation, the harsh environment, and the downturned economy. When the spooks start spooking, he said, “Everybody changes and is affected. Good people get really good and bad people get really bad.”

One of those bad people is Aday’s character, who is “angry at everyone” as a cover for how angry he is at himself. He shoots and hangs people “and is not afraid of any f*****g ghosts.”

And there are many of them, but the filmmakers are trying “do less better” and not compete with big-budget shows. Because of this, their effects will also be story points.

Ghost Wars will be coming to Syfy later in 2017.