SDCC: Blomkamp's out of Halo, but space epic coming

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp removed all doubts about whether he would be involved in any future Halo movies and added that he's working on a new outer-space-based original film.

Blomkamp, a new filmmaker and avid gamer, was careful to say he's grateful the opportunity came up to direct the proposed Halo film with producer Peter Jackson, but added that once the project fell apart in the development stages, he washed his hands of involvement in any future incarnation.

"Well Halo's completely dead, probably, for me," Blomkamp said in an exclusive interview at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday. "I don't know whether it's completely dead for anyone else, but I feel kind of very, very fortunate that Halo came around. And I worked for it, I worked on it for, like, five months, and then it imploded. So I feel like as much as I love the world of Halo, because I really, really do ... And I mean, believe me, I got into that film for a substantial amount of time. I know every in and out of that universe. I seriously love it. But the chances are that I would turn it down if it were offered to me again, yeah.

"It's not so much that I've moved past it. Creatively I could get into it again. It's more just something to do with the fact that, I don't know, like it came into my life and it imploded. You know? I gave all, and it crashed. Not because of me. And so, yeah, I'll just move on, I think. But I am very thankful for, you know, being given that opportunity. And District 9 grew out of that."

Blomkamp, who is a big fan of sci-fi, added that he's got an idea for a big movie to follow up District 9.

"It's a pretty epic science fiction film that takes place not on Earth," Blomkamp said. "So that probably sounds like pretty much every other science fiction film out there. But it has a pretty unique, awesome twist to it, which I'll have to make it before I can tell you. ... It's based on a planet, yeah. It's based on another planet. It's actually based on two other planets."

No giant blue aliens with tails?

"No, no," Blomkamp said. "Though I did see that today [the footage of James Cameron's Avatar]. F--k, man. Dude. Jesus. I'm such a g-ddamn James Cameron nut, like, to begin with. I've been waiting for that film for, like, since I was 4."