SDCC: Fans say Iron Man 2 so awesome it's orgasmic

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

To give you an accurate picture of the reaction I heard from the thousands of fans who streamed out of Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con just a few hours ago after having seen preview footage from Iron Man 2, I could probably just type the word AWESOME!!! over and over several hundreds of times in all caps with at least three exclamation points and leave it at that.

Because unlike the audience members at this weekend's Avatar and District 9 presentations, these fans were as giddy and speechless as if they'd just come off the world's wildest roller coaster, and many could do nothing more than repeat that word again and again.

Even those who were able to turn words into complete sentences still found themselves needing to stretch for superlatives.

"A few words spring to mind," said Neil. "Orgasm is probably there. That's one. If you watched Iron Man and you loved it, it's like having children. The trailer itself looks better than the first film, and the first film was one of the top five comic-book action movies of all time."

"The preview blew my mind," said Ed. "It blows the first one out of the water. It was just that awesome. I'm definitely going to be there. I'll be there a lot of times."

According to Tom, "It looks totally amazing. I think it's going to top the first film. It's going to have even more action, even more special effects, a great, great cast."

Going out on a limb, Tom added, "It's going to be fantastic. It's going to be the biggest movie of the year in 2010, I predict."

Fred was happy that the Marvel universe seemed to be coming together in Iron Man 2: "I liked the plots from the comic books that they brought in, and they didn't let the special effects overwhelm the characters' parts. But the special effects were pretty nifty. They're tying the the Marvel universe together, which was always one of the hallmarks of Marvel as opposed to DC."

For the audience members who got into specifics, the two words most mentioned were—War Machine, the character portrayed by Don Cheadle.

"War Machine is going to kick ass," said Nikki.

"Iron Man 2 looked tremendous," said Rhett. "I very much enjoyed the first movie. I was very much looking forward to War Machine, and the few glances we got, he looked really, really cool. I'm so very fired up."

"War Machine, the little teaser at the end, he was pretty great," said Ted.

"I'm excited to see War Machine," said Brian. "He was awesome."

There's that word again. I should probably stop with the quotes right now and just repeat "AWESOME!!!" for several screens to give you the full effect of the reaction I was getting, but instead I'll end with one of the reasons Brian's wife Ashley enjoyed the screened preview scenes so much:

"Robert Downey Jr. is pretty delicious ... next to my husband, of course."