SDCC: Lost's 'Sawyer' on the heartbreak to come

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

On ABC's Lost, three years working with the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s made Sawyer (Josh Holloway) a noble leader and a good boyfriend to live-in lover Juliet. Losing her in the season-five finale will make Sawyer revert back to his old selfish, bitter self when the final season picks up, Holloway told reporters at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday.

"Wow, I think he's pretty destroyed, so I think he's going to be back to all of that growth just kind of ripped away," Holloway said in a group interview. "He's going to be a bit salty, which I'm looking forward to. I'm not really sure. All I know is he's destroyed and has given up on life again having any positive lessons. So watch out."

Whether viewers warmed up to Sawyer's softer side and will miss it or will welcome back the good old Sawyer, Holloway will have some juicy material to play. "That'll be a tricky line to play, actually, because it's a tricky line with hating life now again with everything gone and what he's already learned. Whether you like it or not, your soul grows. So I think he's going to be walking that line of completely salty, yet you'll see some inkling of heartbreak in there, maybe. Maybe hopefully some redemption in the end, something will come through. Me and Hurley will hook up and live happily ever after." (That last bit was a joke. We think.)

Heading into the home stretch, Holloway had bittersweet feelings toward wrapping up Lost as it heads into its sixth and final season. That is paired with excitement, however, at the prospect of resolution. "The last year everyone's going to be just so excited, and the material is going to finally make some sense, maybe," he said. "So that I'm looking forward to. I've really enjoyed the exploration of this character throughout. It's going to be a sad thing to see it end, but then again, it's going to be magical."

Resolution for Sawyer was temporary with Juliet. Now he's only got 16 more episodes to find it again. "I think she was his redemption, so he's starting over with some growth that he can't deny," he said. "So he won't really start over, but he'll start over from that point. She was his redemption. That was his only real, in his world, his only real shot at a love that might work, not just a volatile love that him and Kate have. He just has to accept life as it is and not turn everything into 'Yeah, I told you so.' That growth is going to have to settle in and not be forgotten just because of the tragedy that's happened. I hope that's his journey through this last season, is from hate and negativity to finally resolve in the end, that it wasn't all for nothing. That's what I hope."