SDCC: Moon's Lautner reveals 'wolf out' details

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

In a press conference for The Twilight Saga: New Moon at Comic-Con in San Diego today, star Taylor Lautner revealed a bit about his transformation into a werewolf in the sequel to the hit Twilight.

Readers of the Twilight series already knew what was in store for Jacob, even though his part was minimal in the first film. (Spoiler alert for movie fans who haven't read ahead!) Lautner marveled at his "wolf out" transformation from the second film.

"I thought they did a pretty good job with the wolf transformation," Lautner told reporters. "I'm excited that there are werewolves involved now, because the werewolves definitely step up the action in the movie. There's double the action in this movie than there was before."

Asked for his favorite scenes in the film, Lautner again mentioned his werewolf action. It was costar Kristen Stewart, however, who revealed the details about his stunts. "You do backflips and things like that," she said during the press conference.

Then Lautner made sure not to sell New Moon as a total action flick. "There's also a double dynamic," he said. "There's not just this romance between a human and a vampire. It's the beginning of a love triangle."

Visual-effects wizards handle the werewolf transformation, but Lautner had to buff out for real. Early rumors even suggested recasting for a bulkier actor, but Lautner jacked up to stand his ground.

"I knew when I was filming Twilight that Jacob's character changed a lot, so if I wanted to continue portraying him directly," Lautner continued. "I had a lot of work ahead of myself."

Lautner's regimen included gym training with a personal trainer and a special healthy diet that included, as he said, "good proteins [and] good carbs. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it."

It was worth it because he had to represent Team Jacob. Even outside the press conference, Burger King representatives were handing out "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" paper crowns tied in to the New Moon release.

"I think everything is kind of crazy about this franchise," Lautner marveled about the merchandising. "That's why we love it so much and why the fans do as well. There are definitely fans who separate into separate teams. I don't know, sometimes it gets me a little nervous, because I'm trying to live up to the fans expectations and trying to represent Team Jacob in a way. I don't want to disappoint them so that's why I worked so hard to not only mentally and emotionally but physically as well. This guy [Rob Pattinson] is tough competition."

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens Nov. 20.