SDCC: Tim Burton still plans on Dark Shadows movie

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Tim Burton will be working on Alice in Wonderland through 2010, but he still has his sights on a remake of Dark Shadows. Vampire television serials may be de rigueur these days, but Dark Shadows has True Blood and Vampire Diaries beat by decades.

"That's the plan," Burton said at a press conference at Comic-Con in San Diego Thursday, where he was promoting Alice in Wonderland. "If I'd ever finish this one, yeah."

One can imagine Burton's dark fantasy touch would distinguish his Dark Shadows from previous incarnations. However, midway through post-production on Alice, he could not articulate what that vision would be yet.

"Hard to think beyond this at the moment, because there's so much to do still, but that's the plan," Burton said.