Sean Astin and Paul Reiser to appear in Season 2 of Stranger Things

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Nov 7, 2016, 4:05 PM EST

Stranger Things is gearing up for a second season, and news about the Netflix show is trickling in like ooze from the Upside Down. Like this announcement of new characters. And this image from Season 2’s first table read. And now, casting news:

Stranger Things has cast Sean Astin, Paul Reiser and Linnea Berthelsen.

Berthelsen is a young actress with only three IMDB credits to her name. But we know and love Astin for his role as the lovable Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogyReiser also made an impact on us as Burke in Aliens—one less heartwarming, more face-hugging.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Berthelsen will be playing Roman, “an emotionally damaged, magnetic young woman who … is mysteriously connected to the supernatural events at the lab …” Astin will be playing Bob Newby, “a kindhearted former nerd who … manages the local Hawkins RadioShack.” And Reiser will be playing Dr. Owens, “a high-ranking member within the Department of Energy on a ‘clean-up’ assignment, tasked with containing the events of last year.”

We already know from experience that Astin and Reiser will be excellent in their roles -- particularly as they kinda resemble Sam (a kindhearted guy) and Burke (a hatchet man -- for a government, though, not a company). As for Berthelsen, we also know that the casting directors of Stranger Things know how to spot talent in young actors with limited experience. I expect to be impressed.

And if Season 1 is anything to go by, I also expect to be frightened, charmed, surprised, creepified and very much engrossed.