Sean Bean as Ned Stark, Game of Thrones

Sean Bean thinks this Stark kid will survive the perils of Game of Thrones

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Nov 9, 2018, 10:47 PM EST (Updated)

Ned Stark had a feeling winter was coming, and he might have also had a premonition about something else before his head ended up on a pike. 

Sadly, Sean Bean’s character was killed off too early in Game of Thrones to actually see what each of his children got up to when winter finally came. However, the actor may have some insight into which one is most likely to survive to the end of all this fire and blood and snow, after having played their father for the innaugural season (at least most of that season).

So it stands to reason that Bean was close enough to the surviving folks in his fictional bloodline — Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Bran — to have an opinion. And the ghost of Ned Stark recently told Mashable who he thinks is most likely to get out of the Seven Kingdoms alive, and perhaps even ascent the Iron Throne.

“Who’s left?” Bean questioned. “Jon Snow is left, isn’t he? But Arya would have to be it. Yeah, Arya will last—maybe she’ll be on the throne.”

Both Arya (Maisie Williams) and Jon (Kit Harington) have seen things that most people couldn't even dream up nightmares about. However, there might be more steel in Arya than even the brother who gave her Needle. Not only did she stick her enemies with the pointy end, but survived hunger, captivity, flies, a voyage across the ocean, and a stint as a Faceless Man.

We know Jon traversed the frozen wastes beyond the wall and fought his way through a horde of ice zombies. He could technically be called a zombie himself since he was murdered and reanimated. Even after all that, Jon still can’t claim that he actually was the Grim Reaper. Arya joined forces with an assassin, followed him to Braavos, dared to enter the House of Black and White, and didn’t run shrieking at the walls of creepy faces. Never mind she learned to change her own face and serve the Many-Faced God with her dagger.

Somehow it seems doubtful that Jon Snow would have the nerve to morph into someone else and feed Walder Frey poison for dinner. While Daenarys was rolling in Snow, Arya took care of Littlefinger in a very different way. She would make short work of ice zombies.

Sorry Jon, but whether or not the throne goes to Arya, she’s ahead of you even without the Targarynen advantage.

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