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Sean Bean returns to Hitman planning kills with rubber ducky, mascot head

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Nov 2, 2018, 9:26 AM EDT

After debuting a video promising his legendary death count would not be contained merely to film and TV, Game of Thrones star Sean Bean’s appearance in Hitman 2 as the villainous Mark Faba is still causing a ruckus. That’s thanks to a new video where Bean, as Faba, explains an assassin’s best weapon: everything.

That’s right, anything you can think of. Whether it’s an exploding rubber duck, a furry mascot head, or a toilet bowl, if you’re a trained killer, you can make it work somehow. Bean’s deadpan delivery when explaining these kills and holding these ridiculous items fits in perfectly with the tongue-in-cheek mania of the modern Hitman games.

Check it out:

Faba, also known as “The Undying” because of his many, many escapes from near-fatal attempts on his life, will be the first target of a new gameplay feature called Elusive Target. These missions have a limited time window they can be completed in, with the first tasking Agent 47 to stop Faba from executing a job at the Global Innovation Race event in Miami.

If the end of the video is any indicator, in which Agent 47 poisons his target’s drink (you can hear the tinkle of a dropped glass as the video cuts away), the protagonist should have no problem dispatching with one of his toughest targets yet.

Players can begin hunting The Undying with all the tools of the world when the mission hits Hitman 2 starting on Nov. 20.