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Searching for your favorite childhood toy? A rare collectible? Look no further, it's here. [Ep #65]

Dec 20, 2018, 12:30 PM EST

When Christian Braun was a kid growing up in Germany in the '70s, he was an obsessive collector of Timpo Toys. By the time he was 10 years old, he had 8,000 Timpo Toys, neatly organized in cases in his bedroom.

Sometimes people grow out of a childhood hobby. Braun made it his life. He financed his education by buying and selling toys that he acquired on hitchhiking trips through Europe, then spent years writing a reference guide to Timpo Toys. He has spent his life cataloging and organizing different toys and collectibles, and now, as the CEO of HobbyDB.com, he's focusing on putting every single one of them in a single database.

"When we're done, we hope to have 100 billion entries," Braun explains in a new episode of The Fandom Files. "It'll be a gigantic resource that will help people to find what exists, find out what it's worth, add it to your wishlist, and buy and sell it."

It's almost an absurd project, but Braun has a crack team of experts helping him realize this dream. There's the guy with every single Monopoly set in the world (over 20,000), the dude with the biggest Pez dispenser collection, and even a guy with the largest collection of magical sets in the world. They're also working with corporations to index all their collectibles, so if you get new Funko Pops this holiday season or want to buy an old toy you vaguely recall from your childhood, you now know where to turn.

Braun told The Fandom Files all about running the site, the hottest toys and collectibles right now, the rarest and most expensive collectibles in the world, and what you should start buying.

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