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Season 2 of The Flash will have crossovers, a new Barry romance and Team Flash changes

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Jul 22, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

If your mind was blown by all the time jumping and alternate timelines that defined The Flash's freshman season finale, "Fast Enough," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg wants you to know you don't have to take a quantum physics class this summer to figure out how to follow Season 2 which premieres October 6 on The CW.

"Time travel is not real," Kreisberg told Blastr and select reporters reassuringly at San Diego Comic-Con. "Everybody has their theory on how it works. What was important for us was more than making logical sense, it had to make emotional sense. As long as you understood what was happening to the characters emotionally and what the stakes were [we succeeded]. We feel like we have our rules and there is certainly cause and effect; time is not immutable. Our entire series takes place in an alternative time line from the one that should have existed, so those are the stars we guide ourselves by."

Another priority of Season 2 will be Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) adjusting to being outted as a superhero. "Last year was about getting the band together and Barry's first initial steps into being the Flash," Kreisberg explained. "This year, it's, "Great, we're doing it now and what does that mean?" Everybody in Central City knows about the Flash, now. He's becoming a public figure. The notion that the denizens of Central City live in a universe where people have superpowers - and there are evil people with superpowers like someone who can melt a building in front of you - is not outlandish, any more. But, by the same token, they all know there's a savior out there who has the powers to fight back. Watching Barry deal with the fact that he's becoming a little famous and he's not just the mysterious red streak is something that gets dealt with in the first episodes."

And what about more crossovers with The Flash's TV cousins, Arrow and the upcoming DC's Legend's of Tomorrow? Kreisberg confirmed they will absolutely happen in episode eight of The Flash and Arrow airing in December. "There wouldn't be The Flash without Arrow. Even Supergirl (premiering this fall on CBS) is coming out of the success with Stephen (Amell) and ArrowLegends is essentially crossovers every week because it was born out of the fun of seeing everyone together. So, that is the big crossover event and, throughout the year, there will be mini-crossovers, like when Felicity and Ray came over, or the great moment at the end of Arrow where we saw Carlos for one scene. The shows are linked. If there is a terrorist attacks in Central City, they are going to hear about it in Starling City. I think there was a concern that, sometimes, when you expand these things, they implode, but, instead, they seem to liven each other up."

Chatting with the cast ,we learned some other tasty teases, including...

Tom Cavanagh confirmed that Eobard Thawne (aka Harrison Wells) will return as a big player in Season 2, "We come out of the gate in a flurry already, and I've been part of that."

Iris and Barry shippers need to practice some Zen this season. "The whole thing with Iris is taking a back seat because of Eddie's (Rick Cosnett) death," Grant Gustin confirmed. "Because of that, Barry is having a hard time feeling like a hero. He's getting a lot of acclaim but he knows that Eddie is the guy who stopped Wells and was the hero that day. Obviously, he's not going to try and make a move on Iris. They are just trying to be there for each other and he's going to give her space. But Iris is going to get closer to Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker)."

Gustin said Barry won't be feeling lonely for long with arrival of Patty Spivot (played by Shantel VanSanten), "Who will show more of the police and CSI side of Barry's life because she is a police officer. We'll see them in the field some. They have a lot more in common than some of the other girls that Barry has had an attraction to. Barry will have a hard time as they get closer keeping his big secret from yet another person."

Iris West is finally an official part of Team Flash, and she going all in per actress Candice Patton. "We're definitely going to see Iris as more of the "ace reporter" which is the iconic way we know her. She is going to be using that to help Team Flash and be the voice on the street that maybe Flash, Cisco and Caitlin can't get. They are the tech and the smarts, but Iris is the heart. She can talk to people and dig and get stories and information that maybe they can't so that's how she will add to the team."

Cisco Ramon will be evolving per actor Carlos Valdes. "There are biological changes that are happening to Cisco, specifically with the dreams and headspace, so fans can expect more of those changes to take effect, especially at the start of Season 2." - additional reporting by Jen Boyett




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