Season’s Greetings from Hubble

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Dec 20, 2006

The good folks at Hubble Space Telescope put together this pretty picture (click for a much higher-res version) of a star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a companion galaxy to our own Milky Way. Even from 165,000+ light years away, Hubble was able to see stars smaller and fainter than the Sun.

Besides being pretty, this picture is a little different from most Hubble images because it's only two color! Usually, the images you see are composites made from images taken using three or more filters, so they mimic the my way our eye sees color. This one has only two, so while it's not "true" color, it's still very pretty.

Oh-- if you're still looking for holiday cards to send, Hubble has you covered there too.

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