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Seattle is "a zombie town" in new iZombie Season 4 premiere trailer

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Jan 26, 2018

Something tells us New Seattle won't be getting a lot of tourists after next season of iZombie.

The CW is bringing the undead back to TV sets late February, and as you can see in the premiere trailer below, Season 4 is going to be an entirely new challenge, and the Emerald City is going to have to deal with a lot more than rain.

The iZombie Season 3 finale changed the entire world of the show. The zombies of Seattle had previously flown under the radar, but now they've gone public. To complicate matters more, following the massive zombie virus outbreak toward the end of last season, the city has been quarantined with a wall surrounding it -- containing both the humans and zombies of Seattle. This is obviously a recipe for disaster, and in the trailer, we see the conflict this cohabitation creates.


Shortly after last season's huge finale, which flipped the show on its head, star Rose McIver told SYFY WIRE that in the new landscape, Season 4 will get political and feel timely. In this new trailer, it's easy to see how parallels can be drawn to our current divisive political landscape. Which side are you on? Human? Zombie?

While Season 4 clearly brings an entirely new set of challenges for the characters now that the zombies are known, in the trailer we see evidence of business as usual when it comes to Live and Clive solving crimes. It appears that even in a zombie apocalypse, there are murders to be solved. And honestly, it's a little comforting to know some things never change.

Season 4 of iZombie premieres Feb. 26 on The CW. What are you hoping to see now that the zombie outbreak has gone public?

(via io9)

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