Sebastian Stan trolls ‘dad’ Mark Hamill with goofy father-son message

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Nov 30, 2017, 8:05 PM EST

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ve got Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier. In the Star Wars universe, you’ve got Mark Hamill as… well, you know. And in the geek-verse that loves to make goofy, if tenuous, connections between otherwise-unrelated characters and the actors who portray them, you’ve got a running lookalike gag that seems to keep hitting new levels every time it rears its silly head.

Playing with fan-inspired face comparisons highlighting the resemblance he shares with a young Luke Skywalker, Stan trolled Hamill for a Good Morning America segment that had the Bucky Barnes actor pretending to be Hamill’s real-life son, leaving a video message reminding his “dad” that he’d taken care of his chores for the day.

“I just wanna let you know: I got orange juice and eggs and everything in the fridge, so when you get home tonight, you should be all good!” Stan joked in the clip.

In terms of sharing fictional spaces, so far there’s been no connection between Hamill and Stan — even though fans (and both actors) have had plenty of speculative fun exploring the possibilities.

But Hamill has nothing but praise for his make-believe progeny’s work, telling the GMA crew Stan is an accomplished actor with whom he’d be honored to share actual screen time. “I’d love to work with him,” Hamill said. “Heck, I’d play his father any day!”

The two have been having fun with the whole uncanny-resemblance thing for a while now, as Hamill most recently demonstrated in his heavily-shared “son” Tweet:

Do you think these guys share a common look — and if so, should Disney find a way to capitalize on it, if the time comes to cast another young Luke Skywalker? Some of us see the resemblance; some of us are a little iffy with it all — but we still think it’s a fun way to watch two cinematic worlds collide.