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Second Venom trailer gains buzz, beats Wonder Woman and Doctor Strange in 24 hours

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Apr 30, 2018

One week ago, Sony dropped the second trailer for Venom in the middle of Avengers: Infinity War’s world premiere. There was a noticeable lack of Venom in the very first trailer for the film, which may be why that teaser was widely savaged by fans. However, the second Venom trailer may have finally delivered the movie that fans want to see, judging from the 64.3 million views it received within the first 24 hours.

Via The Warp, the second Venom trailer passed both Wonder Woman and Doctor Strange’s trailers in number of views for the first day of its release. This means Venom was able to pull in more viewers than an MCU or a DCEU movie even during the massive buildup for Infinity War. It’s also a considerable step up after the lukewarm reception that the first teaser received.

Things might have started off on the wrong foot, but it seems fans are still more than game for a good Venom film — assuming Sony can deliver.

According to the Fizziology tracking service, Venom’s second trailer achieved a 72 percent increase in views over the original trailer in 24 hours, with a much higher positive response recorded across social media. The biggest difference this time is that the footage from the movie focused on Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and his unique bond with the alien symbiote. As seen in the clips, Brock and the symbiote have two distinct minds, but together they become Venom.

The response to Venom’s full design also won praise from fans, and it has powered the the trailer to 124.7 million views inside of its first week. If that interest holds up, then Venom could prove to be a surprise hit at the box office when it debuts on Friday, October 5.

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