Secrets of the new Black Hole: Maximilian returns!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Remember that proposed remake of the classic Disney sci-fi movie The Black Hole that was being prepped by Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski?

Well, he's got more details, including a glimpse at the story.

Speaking with MTV, Kosinski said writer Travis Beacham will begin drafting the script soon.

"We've got a really strong idea and concept for the film," Kosinski said early in January. "The title alone has tremendous amount of potential. We've got a really talented writer on it named Travis Beecham. We're just getting started on the script in the next few months."

The 1979 original focused on a ship on a deep space mission and its encounter with a lost vessel called the Cygnus, home to a lone scientist in charge of an army of robots (including the hulking red killer Maximilian) who turn out to be the ship's missing crew. Kosinski's updated version won't pick up after the events of the first film, but rather will rework them with a vastly bigger budget and a deeper understanding of the science behind black holes.

The new movie will include iconic elements, such as the red robot, Maximilian; the death of the big villain, Dr. Alex Durant (played originally by Anthony Perkins); and even the design of the ship Cygnus, Kosinski said.

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