See 7 awesome sci-fi movie posters that sold for $2 million

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Everyone who puts their stuff up for sale on eBay hopes for a bidding war, resulting in a nice fat payout. One eBayer got what she was looking for—and more. "Mrs. Miniver" recently put some sci-fi posters up for sale and earned herself $2 million. (Well, $1,950,000.)

Why so expensive? These weren't any old movie posters. And they're not just sci-fi classics. These posters of The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Man From Planet X, The Thing From Another World, When Worlds Collide, War of the Worlds, Conquest of Space and Forbidden Planet are special.

According to Mrs. Miniver, "Each poster is unique and the only copy known to exist."

Unlike the movie posters you can hang in your home, all but one of these are 24-sheets ... also known as billboard size. (However, The Man From Planet X is a "standee cut-out" that, when assembled, is almost 10 feet tall.)

According to LearnAboutMoviePosters,

"In the US the 24 sheet normally measures 108" x 246" and is used for billboard advertising, although in older days some were placed on the sides of large buildings and barns. They come in a number of pieces and are placed together like a puzzle. ...

Because they are made of paper stock and glued onto the billboard, few survive from having to tear them off to replace them with the newer piece."

It's unknown how Mrs. Miniver got her hands on these 24 sheets. But it's obvious that her diligence has, ahem, paid off.

Take a look at these classic posters below.

(via Moviefone)