She Could Fly #4 Cover
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She Could Fly #4 Cover by Martin Morazzo

See a preview of the climactic finale of Chris Cantwell and Martin Morazzo's mental health thriller She Could Fly

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Oct 3, 2018, 4:35 PM EDT

This past spring editor extraordinaire Karen Berger announced She Could Fly on SYFY WIRE, a dark look at mental health, written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Martin Morazzo. We've also been there to give you the first look. Now we have the chance to give readers a tease of the final chapter of She Could Fly with preview pages for issue #4. 

She Could Fly is the story of Luna Brewster, a 15-year old who is troubled by mental health issues and is obsessed with a woman, named Mayura Howard, who flew around the city and exploded one day for all the city to see. We've met a man named Bill and his prostitue girlfriend Verna and they're hot on the trail of Mayura's work, which allowed her to develop a accelerator jetpack that allowed her to fly.

She Could Fly #4 Page 12

She Could Fly #4 Page 12 by Martin Morazzo

Only Bill has been working on it long before Mayura did and now that she died, the people that Bill and Mayura used to work for are after Bill. Meanwhile, Luna got closer to her hero, as Mayura's diary is now in her posession. As she continues to learn more about Mayura, Verna walks into Luna's house with the accelerator and tells them that Bill is missing. 

Everything comes to a head in the fourth and final issue  and Luna's grizzly visions and thoughts are not getting any brighter. She Could Fly is a fantastic thriller with a cast of great leading and supporting characters. 

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive five-page preview (Pages 1, 4, 12, 18 and 24)  for She Could Fly #4 out in comic shops on October 10. Check out the pages below and let us know what you think.