See the adorable moment Amy Adams learns Wonder Woman's in Man of Steel 2

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Dec 9, 2013, 11:01 AM EST

It seems DC is taking a page out of Marvel’s super-secret playbook, because apparently Amy Adams didn’t even know that Wonder Woman had been cast in the Man of Steel sequel. Want to see how she found out?

Adams, who had a starring role in Man of Steel as Lois Lane, was apparently unaware of Gal Gadot’s recent casting as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman. So, yeah, she’s probably not the best person to pump for information at the moment.

She seemingly learned the news in this interview with Collider, and seems absolutely psyched that Gadot will be a part of the cast. Adams didn’t have many actresses to interact with in the first film, and she’s hoping she and Gadot will get to kick some ass together in the sequel.

Check out the footage below:

(Via Collider)