See all of Doctor Who's fake-looking websites in one hilarious supercut

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May 15, 2013, 9:16 PM EDT (Updated)

All the budget in the world can't cure a case of the bad computers.

One of the things that was most exciting about Doctor Who coming back to television in 2005 was that the show was finally going to have a little money behind it. From its inception in 1963, Who survived on a shoestring budget and, boy howdy, did it ever show. The program was infamously guilty of having wobbly-looking sets and monsters made out of tinfoil.

But not anymore, right? It's a new millennium! A little bit of money goes a long way! All the effects will look amazing now! Right?

In fairness, that's actually true an awful lot of the time, and, while there may be times we cringe a little at goofy-looking aliens (Abzorbaloff, we're looking at you), the effects overall are vastly improved.

Except for one thing -- the Internet. What it is about computer programs and websites that prove so difficult to master, we'll never know, but Doctor Who has absolutely zero aptitude for making the Internet look real. Don't believe us? Here's an over three-minute supercut of all the times Doctor Who gets computers completely wrong.

We're not saying Who is the only show guilty of this, but, for Pete's sake, if you can make us be afraid of an oversized salt shaker, shouldn't you be able to get Google right? Surely there's an app for that.

(via Laughing Squid)

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