See (and buy) 27 concept images for never-made Gaiman Sandman movie

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Dec 17, 2012

These days it seems like we'll never see a film adaptation based on Neil Gaiman's acclaimed comic series Sandman (though a TV series isn't out of the question), but back in the '90s, Warner Bros. tried and tried again to get the comic to the big screen. At one point, Gaiman himself even recruited friend and Sandman artist Jill Thompson to craft some gorgeous concept art.

Gaiman drew our attention to the art when he tweeted that 27 pieces of Thompson's work for the project are now up for sale.

Thompson's connection to Sandman began back in 1992, when she illustrated the 40th issue of the comic. She later worked on the entire "Brief Lives" storyline, and has since served as both writer and illustrator for Sandman spinoffs including Death: At Death's Door, The Little Endless Storybook and Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook. Her art from the pitch details a number of iconic Sandman moments, including Dream's imprisonment at the beginning of the series, and focuses on a number of vital characters, including the Corinthian, Delirium, Destiny and, of course, Dream himself.

The art is all for sale at Cadence Comic Art. It's definitely not cheap, but it is beautiful. For proof, check out the art below. (Be warned: a few are NSFW.)

(Cadence Comic Art via Neil Gaiman)

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