See the aurora that dazzled ISS astronauts

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Sep 10, 2015, 5:53 PM EDT (Updated)

High above Earth's cookie-cutter continents and sprawling oceans, a spectacular light show was enjoyed by the crew of the International Space Station on Monday, as luminous ribbons of light flowed around them.  This awesome aurora display was observed and recorded by astronaut Scott Kelly as a massive geomagnetic storm erupted over Labor Day weekend, blessing the astronauts with a most breathtaking sight.

"Yesterday, we had some incredible auroras outside, like none I've ever seen before with regards to how vivid it was," said Kelly in an interview on NASA TV.  "We had heard a solar storm was on its way, and usually, we think it takes a couple of days from solar activity to an incredible show outside. But in this case, it was much faster, and the Earth responded much quicker.  I would say yesterday was probably the second-most impressive thing I've ever seen.  The first thing was when I saw Earth from space the first time."

Sit back and enjoy the cosmic pyrotechnic party and tell us if these amazing auroras inspire you.