See Bryan Singer's playful X-Men set video starring Ian McKellen

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Jul 4, 2015, 11:57 AM EDT (Updated)

If there was any worry that Bryan Singer might be burned out making X-Men movies, his latest set video makes it clear—he’s still having the time of his life on the set of Days of Future Past.

The upcoming sequel will mark Singer’s third X-Men film, but his sabbatical from the franchise seems to have re-energized his mutant powers for, well, weirdness. The director has been leaking behind-the-scenes pics via Twitter and has now let loose a 6-second set video of pure WTF-ery.

Singer has chopped together footage of his own weird whooshing sounds, metal spoons and gear, and a truly confused Sir Ian McKellen (Magneto), who appears to be wondering if his director has lost his mind.

He’s obviously teasing Magneto’s powers, but the Vine clip is hilariously insane and feels almost like a professional swede-ing of the franchise:

Are you glad to have Singer back in charge of the franchise he helped put on the map?

 (Via Bleeding Cool)

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