See Danny Trejo hack 'n' slash sci-fi-style in Machete 3's wild space trailer

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Nov 19, 2013

If you caught Machete Kills in theaters, this is probably old news to you, so we'll wait for you to leave the room.

Now that those two people are gone, the rest of us can kick back and enjoy the amazing bit of sci-fi insanity that is the Machete Kills Space! trailer, just released online for all who didn't see Robert Rodriguez's last action-comedy during its theatrical run (and since the film only took in about $8 million, that's a particularly large demographic).

This thing has it all: silver jumpsuits, sexy "space babes," epic starship battles, Justin Bieber (in robot form) dying in a hail of laser fire and, yes, a lightmachete battle between the titular protagonist and a masked villain who may or may not end up being played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Danny Trejo is joined on camera in the clip by frequent Rodriguez collaborators Michelle Rodriguez and Alexa Vega, as well as Machete Kills alum Lady Gaga.

Rodriguez has been vocal for a couple of years now about his desire to take the adventures of his blade-wielding hero intergalactic, but the sluggish box-office performance of Machete Kills may make that outcome unlikely ... which, now that we've seen this preview, kind of makes us sad.

What do you think? Would you pay good money to see Machete do his thing in the inky void?

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