See the epic Doctor Who S7 trailer: Daleks, dinosaurs and more!

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Jun 25, 2015

The official Doctor Who season seven trailer is HERE! And though we knew for sure it was gonna be EPIC, we're still surprised by how sad it also is. Because these are, after all, the final days of our beloved Ponds. So are you guys ready for more completely mad timey-wimey adventures with the Doctor? We sure are! ''Geronimo!''

Oh, and River Song says *SPOILERS*

The new minute-and-a-half long BBC trailer features the final days and adventures of the Ponds—Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill)—with their beloved Doctor (Matt Smith). And it's only fitting, since their five episodes will be the ones shown during the fall season—before the Christmas special introduces us to new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman).

The BBC Doctor Who site says:

We've been promised blockbuster episodes for the new series of Doctor Who ... and the trailer released today shows just how blockbuster they're going to be!

There's a real epic quality to much of the trailer—we see majestic snowy plains, a terrifyingly vast array of Daleks, huge explosions, the Doctor and the Ponds plunging through an enormous tunnel of light and even dinosaurs on a spaceship! But it's also great to get a glimpse of River Song and scary little moments like Rory and the stone cherub ...

It's all part of the build up to the new series which begins with ''Asylum of the Daleks.''

Have a look!

And here's also the BBC America trailer to boot (double the pleasure, double the fun, and double the Doctor, as the saying goes):

So what do you think of the new Doctor Who trailer(s)? Are you blown away just yet? Are you excited about the upcoming season seven? Have you prepared your hankies and boxes of tissues just in case? Because sit tight, you guys, this one's gonna be one heck of a bumpy, heartbreaking and exciting roller-coaster ride.

''Geronimo'' indeed! We're still covered in goosebumps.

Now excuse us while we go watch the trailer(s) again.

(via Doctor Who TV)

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