See every film creature Ray Harryhausen ever created in 4-min. video

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May 8, 2013, 3:11 PM EDT (Updated)

With the sad passing of the legendary Ray Harryhausen yesterday, it's fitting to pause and reflect on the many magical creatures, fantastic spaceships and monstrous creations he brought to life through the miracle of Dynamation. 

This cool video showcases each one of the cinematic stars of sci-fi, fantasy and horror films Harryhausen was involved with, from twin-headed hatchlings and spined space lizards to skeletal swordsmen and bronze goliaths, all in chronological order, beginning with Mighty Joe Young and ending with Clash of the Titans.  

It's an amazing body of work that will survive in our hearts and imaginations forever. 

Enjoy the memories ...

(Via Topless Robot)