See fan-made John Carter trailer that's better than the real ones

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Dec 16, 2012

We've all heard by now that early tracking on John Carter shows not too many people are really itching to see the flick, possibly because the action-heavy, plot-light trailers we've seen give few clues as to what the flick's really about. Now industrious fans have put together a new trailer to fix that, and it puts those Disney spots to shame.

The video was uploaded to the YouTube account of John Carter fan site JohnCarterFiles earlier this month, and it's finally starting to really make the viral rounds. It's nothing more than a two-minute re-cut of all the footage made available in the John Carter trailers, clips and TV spots Disney's released thus far, but the way it's assembled makes all the difference.

Here you see John Carter back on Earth, see him arrive on Mars and see his very first interaction with the Martians. From there the trailer begins to slowly build in scale until it hits an action-packed crescendo. It's definitely not as sleek as what Disney's been bringing to the table, but in this case a little bulk is what gets the job done. Here we have the same footage, the same CG shots, the same music, the same character moments as every trailer we've seen before, but put together in a way that's both thrilling and easy to grasp for newcomers to the John Carter story.

If trailers like this one had been out a month ago, maybe more people would be dying to see this flick by now. Check it out below and see if you agree.

(via Collider)

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