See the Fourth Doctor fan art the new Twelfth Doctor drew as a teen

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Aug 7, 2013

Long before he was the Doctor, Peter Capaldi was just another very enthusiastic Doctor Who fanboy.

Now that he's become a big part of Who history as the show's Twelfth Doctor, various news outlets are digging back to find out more about Capaldi's history with the show. He's always claimed lifelong fanhood of the series, and now we're seeing proof of that absolute devotion to Britain's beloved sci-fi franchise. For starters, here's some fan art he drew of Fourth Doctor Tom Baker in the TARDIS, courtesy of the Scottish Daily Record.


Not bad at all, but it's only the tip of a very large fandom iceberg. Capaldi also took the time to compose this eloquent little fanzine essay praising the Doctor Who title sequence, via Doctor Who News.


But even that wasn't enough to sate Capaldi's desire to get closer to the series. For some time in the 1970s, Capaldi lobbied to lead the official Doctor Who fan club for the BBC, which already had a teenage secretary, Keith Miller. Later, in a book about Who fandom, Miller called Capaldi an "all-time pain in the butt" who "was quite indignant he wasn’t considered" for the job of fan club secretary. Though he didn't get the fan club job, Capaldi was apparently tenacious enough to be mailed some scripts and set designs from the Jon Pertwee era of the show, according to an interview he gave to SFX in 2008. He also penned the fan letter below (via Radio Times) congratulating the show on its 10th anniversary in 1973. If only he knew then that he'd be taking up the mantle when the franchise hit the 50-year mark.


So even if you're not entirely happy with the choice of Capaldi as the new Doctor, you can at least rest assured that the show's new star is definitely someone who loves it to the core.

(Via io9)

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