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See how Archie weaponizes holy water in this first look at Vampironica #4

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:57 AM EDT (Updated)

Veronica Lodge has super strength and drinks…*gulp*  blood? Reggie Mantle is seen under the bleachers with a cheerleader… trying to turn her into a vampire? Something’s off in Riverdale, right? Actually, it's just another day in the life of the vampire-bitten Veronica — and SYFY WIRE has the exclusive preview of Vampironica #4.

Those who haven’t been keeping up with the Archie Comics of late might be thinking these are just Halloween-themed comics, but not so. Since 2015, the Archie Horror line has used the modern tone of smart horror stories to tell new stories set in Riverdale, while allowing some of the best comic book talent to run wild with the concept.

Archie Horror books are aimed at a teen-plus audiences, and set within their own continuity. It started with the immensely popular zombie yarn, Afterlife with Archie, followed up by the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is being made into an upcoming Neflix series, set to debut October 26. Let’s not forget that Riverdale just started it’s third season on The CW. Archie is bigger than ever. Last year, Archie Horror launched Jughead: The Hunger, a werewolf tale and this year, the vamp-tastic blood-thirsty Vampironica!

Vampironica 04 Fiona Staples

Vampironica 04 Cover by Fiona Staples

This latest originates from a bit born in Betty & Veronica #261 where the Archie gang spoofs two supernatural favorites, Betty as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica as Vampirella. In the new series written by the sibling creative team of Meg and Greg Smallwood, Vampironica stars Veronica Lodge stumbles on her parents murdered by a vampire, who attacks her. Veronica escapes but not before she is bitten. Scared and afraid, Veronica hides at Riverdale High School, when resident bookworm Dilton Doiley discovers her and deduces that she has become a vampire.

Veronica and Dilton not only come up with a plan to kill the master strigoi vampire, Ivan and restore her and her family back to normal. Archie is attacked by Veronica’s parents, and Veronica and Dalton save him and debrief him of Ivan's plans to turn the entire city into vampires. Once again, Archie Horror knows how to take the sweet innocence of Riverdale and turn it on its head, to become the breeding ground for the splendid things that creep in our shadows – all while maintaining the wholesome charm that is intrinsic to each of these beloved characters.

Vampironica 04 Page 4

Vampironica 04 Page 4 by Greg Scott, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli 

Now we arrive at Vampironica #4, and our first look at pages 3-6 and 8 by new artist Greg Scott, with Matt Herms on colors and Jack Morelli on letters. Also included is a cover gallery featuring the artwork of Smallwood, Francesco Francavilla and Fiona Staples. In the gallery of preview pages, Vampironica and the Riverdale gang brings Betty up to speed and Archie comes up with a clever way to weaponize holy water. Then there's Jughead who might have come up with his own unsavory repellent. 

Read the preview below and buy the full issue of Vampironica #4 on sale October 24 for $3.99 in print at your local comic shop or on digital. Also, so if you like Vampironica, there will be a crossover called Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica in 2019so be on the lookout for that in the new year.