See Iron Man armor cut from Avengers + unused Iron Man 3 intros

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May 6, 2013

It’s an Iron Man extravaganza! With Iron Man 3 tearing up the box office this weekend (though not quite as much as The Avengers did last year), a ton of unused Marvel concept art and pitch clips have leaked online.

First up, we have a pretty awesome armor suit that was originally set to be included in The Avengers. Sketched by Iron Man comic artist Adi Granov, the massive gray-tinged armor was supposed to show up at some point during Joss Whedon’s big team-up but was chopped out of the script before the film went before the cameras. Judging by what we’ve seen of Iron Man 3, it looks like they decided to save all the wild armor options for that one.

Speaking of Iron Man 3, CGI director Jose Ortiz and designer/illustrator Ash Thorp let loose several designs clips for some of the options considered for the film’s intro. A few comic-styled design sketches have also been revealed. Some are cooler than others, and it’s interesting to see all the varied ideas on the table during the development process.

Check out the intros that could’ve been, and the Iron Man armor we didn’t get to see in the battle for Manhattan, below:

(Via Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Movie)

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