See Jim Henson's dark(er) side with stunning new cut of The Dark Crystal

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Dec 5, 2013, 1:27 PM EST

For a generation raised on the Muppets, The Dark Crystal was a revelation. Creepy and surreal, it demonstrated a distinctly darker side of Jim Henson's creative genius than most audiences had previously seen ... but DID YOU KNOW that it was originally even more out there? The director's initial vision of the film featured Skeksis villains who didn't speak English, no narration, and a lot of visual storytelling unaccompanied by interior monologues, relying instead on viewers to follow what was going on without any hand-holding. 

Unfortunately, some test audiences reacted negatively to this cut's hard edges and narrative style, so the Henson team redubbed and recut the entire film to make everything more direct and obvious. The end result is still a fantasy classic, but many fans yearned for the more mature, challenging version we never got to see.

Well, yearn no more, because one intrepid enthusiast has spent two years of his life re-editing and remastering the film using audio from a previously discovered work print and deleted scenes from DVD and Blu-ray editions, and the end result is now online for your viewing pleasure. It's a different, eerier film presented this way, and while the quality is fairly rough in spots, it's well worth watching for both Henson and fantasy fans. Plus-100 '80s points for the newly included bits of scoring by Vangelis.

Check it out below!

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