See massive Starfleet logo that just flew over London for an hour

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Mar 25, 2013, 3:47 PM EDT (Updated)

As if we weren’t already psyched enough that Star Trek Into Darkness is on the way, the folks at Paramount Pictures decided to do a little impromptu promo in the night sky over London to remind us.

During “Earth Hour” in London, when all the lights were off to conserve power, the studio sent up 30 strategically placed, LED-equipped drones with high-powered beams to create a makeshift version of the Starfleet logo above the city.

It’s silly, sure, but it’s pretty awesome to see the futuristic logo illuminated above a modern-day city. Obviously, as we saw in the recent trailer, London plays a key part in the sequel as the target of one of John Harrison’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) terrorist attacks.

The team behind the marketing ploy put together a video showing how they did it (and the finished product), which you can check out below:

The Star Trek sequel opens May 17. What do you think of wacky promo stunts like this?

(Via FirstShowing)