See the mayor who went to the voting booth dressed as a Jedi. Really.

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Apr 29, 2013

One politician shows us a way to guarantee that the Force will be with you at the polling stations.

Typically, career politicians are strictly strait-laced individuals, but Reykjavik mayor Jón Gnarr isn't typical. In 2010, Gnarr, a comedian, actually ran for public office with the goal in mind of satirizing the political system. Under his own banner, the Best Party, he promised a  polar bear for the zoo and a drug-free Parliament in 2010.

He won.

Now Gnarr is at it again. This time he turned up at the latest national election dressed as a Jedi. We don't know what would possess an activie politico to cosplay while voting, but we like it. Maybe if our own politicians took themselves a little less seriously, we'd be in better shape. At least we'd be laughing.

(via Neatorama)

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