See Ms. Marvel makes her animated TV debut in new clip from Avengers: Ultron Revolution

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Aug 5, 2016

For a character who has only been around for just a few years, Kamala Khan is making quite an impression on the Marvel Universe — and is set to finally jump from page to screen this weekend.

No, Marvel hasn’t decided to bring the fan-favorite hero to live action with a Netflix series (le sigh) just yet, but she will make her debut in animated form via a cameo appearance on the Disney XD series Avengers: Ultron Revolution. Even better? She’s (reportedly) set to join the (animated) Avengers full-time next season. The first clip finds Ms. Marvel fighting alongside Captain America and the Inhuman Inferno as they face off with comic baddie Ghost.

This is an awesome move for a character as young (so to speak) as Kamala Khan, and getting her on the animated series can open up a whole new subset of young fans who might not know anything about her. It should be great to see her get an expanded role, and here’s hoping it's the first of many chances for Kamala to stretch her wings outside the confines of the comic page.

Ms. Marvel will make her debut in this Sunday’s new episode on Disney XD.

Check out the first clip below and let us know what you think:

(Via io9)

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